using tumblr on my mac is wayyyyyyy funner haha

gotta love tumblr im using my new mac book tumblr sent me and its way better then my old laptop

if u want one too they might still be doing them at look how pretty it is!! 


loving my FREE. macbook. air. i recently got!

lmfao, i got my free. macbook. air. in the mail today and i’ve been playing with it all day (:

it’s so epic!

if you want to get one for free too then just go to and fill that out

reblog if you’re getting one image


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No, I’ve never forgotten about you. You’re always in the back of my head. You’re always there. I’m always thinking of you, every single day that you don’t have any idea how much I’m thinking about you everyday.

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What if?

What if I didn’t meet you? What if you never walked in my life? What if I never said hi? What if you never said hi? I wonder I just wonder what life would be right now. Would it be amazing? Fun? More lively? But everyone I meet is someone special to me because each one has a different personality and is different in their very own way. I realized life would be very different and wouldn’t be as amazing as it is now without meeting you. So what if I didn’t meet you?

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holes <3

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Just bored here with my pink piggy ;)Lets talk

Just bored here with my pink piggy ;)
Lets talk


Holyyyyy! When I see videos like this, I cry so damn hard! 

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